Carolina Herrera

Sample Development

Le Studio Anthost is one of the world’s only artisan workshop that customize fabrics using sophisticated couturier treatments. The studio also releases limited-run print collections, inspired by photos, antique prints, architecture, and nature that are available for licensing and sell. All printing and painting is done by hand. No machines are ever used. Depending on the client requirements, samples are then produced by hand (i.e. couture pieces) or the production yardage is sourced.


Le Studio’s team has built over the years strong relationships across the industry using their expertise to influence designers and bureaux de style and help them create unique looks, impressions and shades.

Combining unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities in hand crafted conceptions, Le Studio Anthost has performed and created more than 10000 samples and developed over 20 innovative techniques and methods for couture houses such as Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta and other prestigious clients.

Le Studio now offers their expertise in research, concept development and production of textile samples and provides bespoke support and assistance in developing unique engaging samples for the market of textile, fashion and interior design.